"No one has right to judge us 'cause no one really knows what we have been through. They may have heard our stories, but never did once felt what we felt in our hearts"

-- Anonymous

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Only if we could..

If I missed something
 I search until I get that thing back...        
If it left me alone
I never look back even for a moment
I miss you... I miss the time you were mine...
 There are girls who could push me down
Can make me to fall in love...
Right now you’re the only one
You never understand
I love to be a child like everyone out there
I was once..
I can’t be a freak
We were once played like the children on the road
With no one I can be a child
Everyone see me as they want me
Nobody can take me as I want to be
That was you...
The time was when we were together
Nothing had bothered me to be a child
I want to be one now

I can’t be the one now what I’m...